When K2 came calling for some advice on the female market, we did something revolutionary, special and unbelievably insightful. We actually talked - no seriously keep reading - we talked and listened to the female market. Women from age 14-65 that were tired of being treated as a men's size "S" in the sports world had some things to say about the fact that gear was not being designed for them. Mainly, no one was designing equipment with them in mind. Them and their collective billions of dollars.

We assessed K2's potential across the country by interviewing their female constituents in the moment, on the hill, in the mud and on the road. Incidentally, the princess factor in these ladies... very low. They told us, not sold us, that all they wanted was gear built with them in mind. They told us for free - just because we asked! Your clients have all of the information that you need - all you need is someone to bottle it up and pour it on your desk. (That's us, before you ask.)

The great thing about working with stellar companies like K2 is that they listen and then they act. K2Women.com exists as a result of this effort and it shows the promise and power of big ideas that come out of small conversations.