In 2006, Epiphany Research was hired by local advertising agency DNA Brand Mechanics, to conduct research on behalf of their client, the Greater Washington Chapter of the National MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society. The agency was given the task of increasing awareness of the local Chapter, and Multiple Sclerosis itself. Prior research had shown that several other diseases and worthy causes were more topof- mind (breast cancer, AIDS, asthma) than multiple sclerosis.

Epiphany Research conducted focus groups with people living with a debilitating disease; or who had a family member living with a chronic illness; to find out how they first became educated about their disease, treatment and lifestyle options. Epiphany also conducted indepth telephone interviews with people living with Multiple Sclerosis, as well as medical professionals who treat MS patients.

The research tested three possible communications strategies for the local MS Society. All three audiences found the fact that the Northwest has the highest incidence of Multiple Sclerosis than almost anywhere else in the world, to be the most compelling. They wanted to talk and learn more about this phenomenon. They wanted to know why?