Kit Mueller
When tiny Idahoan Potatoes was crumbling under competitive pressure from giants like Betty Crocker, Kit told them to stop advertising altogether. Shifting marketing efforts to packaging and in-store promotion leveled the playing field, doubling Idahoan market share in 18 short months.

Kit is the gal who connects the invisible dots so the rest of us can see. She has a unique ability to present the big picture in plain English - helping clients cultivate winning marketing programs from core business strategies. Kit's background began at Campbell-Mithun, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She re-located to Park City, Utah in 1996 to become Strategic Planning Director for Publicis, Inc.

Kit integrates online and offline strategy like no other - helping small brands achieve national presence and power in quick order. She has managed communication efforts for brands such as Healthy Choice, General Mills, Borden Foods, Land O'Lakes, Pepsi, Pillsbury, Kimberly-Clark, K2, Lowa Boots, Tecnica, Wells Fargo and more.