Linda Casey
Background: One of a few WOGDOODITES who was actually born in Seattle. Left for a couple decades upon graduation from the UW. Worked all around the world. Living proof that you can go home again.

Experience: Trained in Asia in the JWT system. Worked on international accounts like IBM, Johnson & Johnson, & Ford while overseas, Unilever, Kellogg's & Kraft in Toronto, and GM brands like Cadillac & Oldsmobile in Canada. Veteran of W + K, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, and Publicis.

Milestones: Being the first Mandarin speaking account planner to work in Asia. Launch of globally acclaimed Got Milk? campaign. birth of her two inquisitive, precocious sons, Max and Jackson.

Recognition: Awards galore for Got Milk?

"Linda goes straight to it: her sense of business dynamics is exceptional, and her read on people and customers is dead on. Working with her is like putting on a pair of X-Ray glasses. New insight, a different perspective and clarity are always delivered. As a partner, she also brings the unusual combination of empathy, sheer intelligence and a very dry wit, which means when you work with her you'll laugh as much as you'll learn."