Ned McGarry
Ned McGarry lives in Sammamish with his wife and 2 boys. He loves the outdoors and in particular loves frisbee. But 20 years of experience in the data research field has put Ned in high demand and it is cramping his schedule. Having managed political and public affairs survey research for a major pharmaceutical corporation, Ned is finding it harder and harder to play as much frisbee as he would like.

Now this is no tale of sorrow as Ned likes his work. Honestly, does anyone just "fall in" to data processing without liking it a lot? No. When Ned left the Northwest Research Group as design director in 1998, he envisioned a quiet telephone, time in the yard with the boys and afternoons of leisure. Well, unfortunately for Ned, he is the man when it comes to data processing. Fortunately for us, he brings years of data processing leadership and continues to answer our calls for collaboration.